I love FotoFly because the photographers are understanding and have fun with my kids during the session. This helps my children be more relaxed and they have fun being photographed. They have been the first photographers to get all four of my kids to look and smile at the camera at the same time. The photographers always have great new ways to take great photos, and are always willing to implement my ideas into the session! I adore all of my pictures and they are able to capture the personality of all my children. I love the Santa Fly as well as the studio pictures. FotoFly is a wonderful place to get your pictures taken, and they are worth the hour drive it takes us to get there!
- Fara B.


 You all are amazing! I had the crankiest toddler today and Luke handled it so well. My photos turned out great, he caught some great moments that really touched my heart. Thank you Fotofly!
- Sonya R.


 Thank you Kate for the wonderful experience at Fotofly. The pictures turned out amazing and even my husband who doesn’t really enjoy doing family pictures thought it was great! Of course our daughter Lakota had a blast and already asking when we are coming back! The staff is great and everyone has an awesome attitude. I highly recommend trying fotofly.
- Crystal F.


 LOVE your studio! I’ve had fast, fun and professional experiences with both my family pictures and my maternity photos and everything from the photographers & studio, to the prints and disc pricing are amazing. I live in St.George but I make trips to Salt Lake just for you!!!!!!!!!
- Ereka R.


 We have been in for 8+ sessions now. Everyone turns out wonderful. Today was the first time my daughter completely refused to cooperate at all and without even asking our photographer offered a reshoot later the same day. Post nap time and removing mom (me) from the studio fixed the issues and I’m so thankful for your patient staff that do wonderful jobs!
- Brittany C.


 My experience with FotoFly was amazing. You could not spend your money in a better way. Our photographer worked with the children in a way that every photo turned out great. I would recommend FotoFly to anyone. I have tried other companies with similar concept (purchase a CD with your pictures) and FotoFly is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.
- Timothy P.


 The best experience, price, and idea EVER! I would’ve paid 3 times the amount I paid for the quality I received AND it was quick. I LOVE FOTOFLY! I’ll be back there at least 3-5 times a year, EVERY YEAR! Thanks!!!
- Latu A.


 Had a fantastic session with Eric today. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, and a great experience. Your whole staf is so warm and friendly, made for a great day. Can’t wai to get my new pictures on the wall.
- Katherine L.


 We have gone 3 times now for family pics and they do an AMAZING job! Especially with our special needs daughter. We are customers for life!
- Katrina B.


 I LOVE Fotofly! They are absolutely AMAZING! I’ve been looking for quiet some time for an affordable/good quality place to go. My best friend put me on to them, she took her daughter’s pictures there and they were great, we just had to go. We went there this past Saturday to take family pictures and it was a great experience! The staff there is super friendly and great with kids which is big in my book! My kids loved it and the pictures turned out great. I put my pictures up on fb and everyone loves them. The price is so affordable! I can’t wait to go back! Fotofly is the best!
- Tavata S.


 Took my new grand babies (twins) in for pictures and couldn’t believe how wonderful and patient the photographer was with us. We never felt rushed and they actually made us feel that getting just the right shots of these little bundles of joy was the most important thing to them. Results were incredible! Wish FotoFly had been around when my children were little…many moons ago!
- Jacquie B.


 This was my second time at FotoFly today and my expectations were surpassed again. Michelle was fantastic and we got some really great shots. I can’t recommend FotoFly enough!
- Sarah J.


 We had a great experience, I highly recommend Fotofly fly! Their photographers were really good with my kids. I had them do a newborn photoshoot for my 1 week old baby and the photographer was amazing keeping the baby happy, warm, & asleep. While my other 3 children were being entertained in the other room with Fotofly’s friendly staff members. They have a large variety of ideas and props. The pictures were beautiful at such a awesome price and I LOVED that I received my cd that day! Our picture day had NO STRESS I didn’t even realize that was possible.
- Annie N.


 Of every photography place I’ve taken my kids, the pictures we got here were our absolute favorite, hands down! I love their style. Their lighting is gorgeous, looks almost like they’re taken in natural light. My kids even smiled their “real” smiles, not the fake ones they usually give photographers. We’ll definitely be back.
- Crystal C.


 The culture in FotoFly is SECOND TO NONE. From the minute we enter the store until we walk out the door we are always treated like royalty. These people are the best in the business…second to none!
- Sheryl C.


 FotoFly is the best thing to happen to the Salt Lake Valley….There are so many photographers out there that charge ridiculous amounts of money just to take the pictures and then you have spend even more to buy the prints. To be able to get Fantastic pictures and then be given ALL of them on disc to do with whatever you please at such an affordable price is a dream come true for this mom. I really look forward to coming back for more. It helps that the staff is so friendly and accommodating as well…they really go out of their way to give you a fabulous experience! Thanks FotoFly!
- Vanessa S.


 We loved our experience at FotoFly! I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on how cute our pictures are. I like to think it’s because my child is so stinkin’ cute. But, let’s be honest, it’s probably the cool brick background and awesome lighting. I loved being in the studio. The decor is amazing. I wish my house looked 1/2 as cool as that. Maybe I should just move into the FotoFly studio. I’m going to look into how much rent would be… LOVE THIS PLACE!
- Lara G.


 I tell EVERYONE about FotoFly! I think the photography is excellent and unique plus the whole concept is going to wipe the competition out of the water! $88 for 45 minutes of whatever pictures you want and you get to keep the disc? Unheard of! I am excited you guys have opened up shop. I never get pro pictures done because it’s usually a ripoff but now I will do it regularly!
- Susan J.

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